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53 years old

About Me

Hello, I am The DJ and Owners Wife... If you would like to know anything more about me ask :)

Horizon SeaCastle
37 years old
About Me

I’m musician & love writing, cooking, photography, church, WDW, learning new things exceptionally different languages, & making new friends. ~♥♡♥~재키

Site Owner
46 years old
About Me


Former Guitarist/Vocalist/Lyricist for bands such as Tribal War, Voltage, and Violent Desperation

I started Playing Guitar at 6, joined my FIRST band at 13, second band (Voltage) at 14. Voltage got me into songwriting, and I left them to pursue a band with some High School friends (Levi Spang, Brian Marshall, Mike Marshall, Ginni Lee, and Sarah {cant remember her last name}) That band was Tribal War. After a few years we all went our own ways, and I graduated HS and went in the army. after 12 years (10 of it army) me and my little brother Draven,and a few friends playing various roles over time, formed Violent Desperation, After a while (and with a contract in site) We Broke up.

Now, I play solo guitar,

Currently working on my own acoustic album in tribute to MY personal Infulences.

Host of METAL SHOP REVISITED on Renegade Retro.

Former Host of The B Sidez on Renegade Retro

Graduated Class of 1993 Lewis and Clark High School Spokane.

Art Institutes International with an A.A. in Music and Video Business 1995

UNC Dual B.S. in Physical Anthropology and Wildlife Biology 1996

Started The B Sidez on Renegade Retro in 2011

Took over Metalshop on Renegade Retro in 2013

Currently Hosting Metalshop, Running the Metalshop Website and Radio Server.

A Broadcast FM station in Bremerton Washington Dedicated to 70's - 90's Heavy Metal Music is in the Works