Hardcore.....With a Heart! 

Metalshop Revisited Radio is Dedicated to Charity Fundraising Causes.

We may be Hardcore and Heavy in all we do, But that is no reason to not have a Heart.

Be it a Carwash for Cancer, a Float down a River for Parkinson's, Or a Zombie Apocalypse Party

For Ehler's-Danlos Syndrome, Metalshop Will Gladly be there!!

There are a LOT of Web Radio Stations on the Internet, Very Few have a TRUE Purpose and Meaning.

ALL of the Staff and Crew Have lost Loved Ones to horrible Diseases or Disasters. EVERYONE you KNOW has at one point or another!

With Metalshop, We work together to try and ease the suffering of those who have, those who are, and to end as much of it as we can before those who WILL, DO.

Thank you for Reading, Supporting, and Listening!

Rikk - Metalshop revisited Owner